He established a chain of educational institutions in the country. While at present more than 60 institutions are operating (which include magnificent dar-ul-ulooms for dars-e-nizami and hifz in Ali Pur, Kot Khalifa, Ghaus Pur, Majidabad and Uch Sharif), his most notable achievement would be the establishment of an academic institution, Al-Jamiatul Islamia tul Arabia Al-Aalamia, in Multan. The inspiration for this most cherished ambition is to establish an institution, which would be reminiscent of Bayt al Hikma of the glorious times of Muslims for the revival of all disciplines of knowledge. Work on this remarkable institution is in progress in the suburbs of Multan on a 14.5-acre piece of land.

In parallel with his efforts for renaissance of Islamic knowledge, He has embarked on a mission of spiritual cleansing for the general public. For several years weekly Friday afternoon meetings are held at Shahi Eid Gah, Multan where several thousand people gather to collectively recite Durood-e-Bahr-ul-Kamal and Durood-e-Muhammadia Kabir, two duroods written and compiled by him.