استغفار (مہنگائی کے خاتمے اور ملک کی خوشحالی کیلئے) || by Syed Arshad Saeed Kazmi

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He has a dynamic and self-­‐motivated person, a strategic thinker and can conceptualize and articulate my vision. He has the tenacity ...
to implement the delivery of academic and scholastic work underscoring the tenets of research, training and education. While strongly upholding the traditional beliefs of the Islamic Scripture He believes in collaborative working across all Islamic disciplines in order to provide the best possible advice on modern challenges.
Having exceptional family credentials for academia and Islamic scholasticism. He has the honour of having being mentored by his late father, Allama Syed Ahmad Saeed Kazmi who was an eminent scholar with unrivalled knowledge earning him the titles of Ghazali-e-Zaman and Razi-e-Dauran.
Completed formal education in 1987 from Jamia Anwar-ul-Uloom, a renowned institution founded by his father in 1944. Soon thereafter, assigned to teaching hadith at his Alma Mater. Ever since, he has been teaching hadith and have discharged duties as Sheikh-ul-Hadith for the past twenty years. He studied Arabic literature at Jamia Saddam (now Baghdad University) in Baghdad in the early 1990s. He spent some time specifically learning Ilm-e-Meeras (inheritance laws) from Mufti Abdul Wahid who was the successor to Mufti Siraj Ahmad. A contemporary of Aala Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan, Mufti Siraj Ahmad was a towering scholar who was given the title of Siraj-ul-fuqaha by Aala Hazrat in recognition of his deep understanding of the discipline of Islamic jurisprudence.
His extensive experience of teaching advanced students of Islamic Sciences. As the Head of the Department of Hadith he regard this discipline as having a unique status among all disciplines of religious knowledge and consider it the most distinguished.
Collaborative Work
He has been involved in working with scholars of all schools of thought to formulate the translation and commentary of the Holy Qur’an for teaching in the schools under Compulsory Teaching of the Holy Quran Act 2017. He has made major contributions, which has been duly recognized by the full panel.
Notable Achievements
He established a chain of educational institutions in the country. While at present more than 60 institutions are operating (which include magnificent dar-ul-ulooms for dars-e-nizami and hifz in Ali Pur, Kot Khalifa, Ghaus Pur, Majidabad and Uch Sharif), his most notable achievement would be the establishment of an academic institution, Al-Jamiatul Islamia tul Arabia Al-Aalamia, in Multan. The inspiration for this most cherished ambition is to establish an institution, which would be reminiscent of Bayt al Hikma of the glorious times of Muslims for the revival of all disciplines of knowledge. Work on this remarkable institution is in progress in the suburbs of Multan on a 14.5-acre piece of land.
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