Completed formal education in 1987 from Jamia Anwar-ul-Uloom, a renowned institution founded by his father in 1944. Soon thereafter, assigned to teaching hadith at his Alma Mater. Ever since, he has been teaching hadith and have discharged duties as Sheikh-ul-Hadith for the past twenty years. He studied Arabic literature at Jamia Saddam (now Baghdad University) in Baghdad in the early 1990s. He spent some time specifically learning Ilm-e-Meeras (inheritance laws) from Mufti Abdul Wahid who was the successor to Mufti Siraj Ahmad. A contemporary of Aala Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan, Mufti Siraj Ahmad was a towering scholar who was given the title of Siraj-ul-fuqaha by Aala Hazrat in recognition of his deep understanding of the discipline of Islamic jurisprudence.